NCIS – Obsession, with Shakespeare

NCIS - Bookshop

Shakespeare - NCIS

NCIS - Obsession

The Gutenberg Bible - NCIS

‘Books are a dying business’ someone says in this week’s NCIS. I don’t think they are right, but they could have been referring to the fact that lots of people ended up dead in this episode, rather like they tend to do most weeks.

They have a bookshop in this one. A secondhand bookshop of the kind you just dream about, and with far fewer books in than you’d expect. Possibly they ran out of props.

It’s your nice little mix of KGB poisons, of the ‘umbrella murder in London’ type, a British actor, who for once didn’t ‘do it’ and antique books. When they got out the barely hidden complete first edition of Shakespeare’s plays, I was half expecting it to have been signed by the author. It wasn’t, since it was published after his death.

And as if that wasn’t enough, they then hauled out Gutenberg’s Bible, neatly masquerading as something else, but when you remove the dust wrapper…

Enough to kill for.

I haven’t plagued you with NCIS for a while, so couldn’t resist, seeing as they strayed into the book world. The rest of the time they have their ‘own’ blog. But the American fascination for old European culture is alive and well. Unlike the owner of the bookshop, who unfortunately was a Russian spy. Before he was dead.

(Photos © CBS)

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2 responses to “NCIS – Obsession, with Shakespeare

  1. librerrywumman

    Aaargh – spoilers! I recorded it and haven’t watched it yet. Probably serves me right for having an NCIS addiction in the first place.

  2. Sorry, sorry! I assumed no fans came over here first… But not too much in the way of spoilers, actually. I try to be careful-ish.
    NCIS addiction is the only sensible thing to have.
    Go and watch it now.

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