Do you know the answer?

I’m fairly sure that I started to write my own Famous Five story, a very long time ago. Not being good at sticking to things, other than plastic seats in hot weather, I didn’t get far before giving up. Writing your own sequel was pretty much all you could do in those days when your favourite series of books came to an end.

Now, however, we have quiz books and things. Two have recently entered our house and started living on Daughter’s floor. They are Mates, Dates and You by Cathy Hopkins and The First Roman Mysteries Quiz Book by Caroline Lawrence. I suspect the fact that these books reside next to the bed means they are sort of useful and attractive.

What can I say? They are perfect for fans. This way the books come back to life again, and if you’re good you can answer the questions. If not, then you can re-read the books or search through them for the right answer. Have to admit that I can’t remember very many details at all, but that will be due to those failing grey cells that mysteriously have started to bother this young witch. (Heard a rumour that Caroline herself has failed to answer some questions. But not because of anything age related, I’m sure!)

Just take question 60 from the R M quiz: “According to Pliny’s Natural History, the fiercest watchdog is a hybrid from India. It has a dog for a mother. Which animal is its father?” Now that’s what I call knowledge.

And from Mates, Dates: “How long did TJ take to beat Lucy’s brother Steve at arm-wrestling?” There’s a good female role model for you. And it’s romantic. My favourite quote is from Lucy’s T-shirt slogans: “Your village phoned. They want their idiot back.”

I’m on my way.

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