Carnegie predictions

There have been complaints. A real bookwitch should predict the winner of the Carnegie medal. Preferably she should also get it right. The real reason there was no forecast earlier was the slight confusion about having read all the books. Or more accurately, not having read the whole shortlist. But witchy feelings are just that; feelings. So, I’m not saying who I think wrote the best book or which one I like the best.

My vibes say Anne Fine. With a slight tingle in the direction of Siobhan Dowd. Definitely not a man.


3 responses to “Carnegie predictions

  1. That’s better, bookwitch. A witch has to be witchy come rain or shine. And as you chose me for the Whitbread way back when and were oh so wrong, this one gives me a very very slight tingle of hope! (Amazing the resilience of hope…)

  2. Meg , this has taken me a few hours to work out, but I think you’ve just said you don’t trust my predictions?

  3. Did I say that? Oh. Perhaps I did. Must have been an error (though I’ve heard that a very important bookperson has seconded your tingle for Siobhan Dowd)….

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