Write about what you know, is a good piece of advice, which I will now proceed to ignore.

Today I met Gwyneth Rees who writes about fairies. And for once I had not managed to read a single word beforehand. I hear she has bookfairies, who must surely be a little bit related to bookwitches. And she described a Scottish one that has pink and hairy knees. Now, who does that remind me of? With a thistle on his head.

I’m sort of on the old side for fairies, but I found it fascinating that so many little girls wanted to dress up as fairies to come and meet the author of the fairy books they like so much. Did you lot even realise there is a tremendous number of different kinds of fairy wings?

Gwyneth signs her books with what I’m sure is a pink peony. The fairies thought it was a rose, but roses don’t come that fat. I think.

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