Half term flying

As a witch I ought to know. But I don’t. And as a witch I could always fly on my broomstick instead. Too much luggage, though. Daughter and I are intending/hoping to go away for half term. But the airline’s cabin crew might go on strike. “We can’t say yet”, said Danish call centre yesterday. “What strike?”, said same call centre today. Quite.

If we do manage to go, there might be somewhat fewer postings on here for a week. Thunder hit the holiday modem last August, so no Internet, except in the library. The local authority’s, not my personal library. But at least it’s fitting that a bookwitch should be forced to go to the library. It’s a lovely new library, so no real hardship. Very stylish and spacious, floating over the river. But the computers; I can do @ and å, ä, ö here at home. But can I find the right keys on this foreign keyboard? Very embarrassing having to go and ask librarian where she keeps her @.

So, we’ll see.

2 responses to “Half term flying

  1. No worry, librarians are very liberated these days.

  2. In the end I asked the charming man next to me how to sort the @ out. He apologised for not wearing his glasses so he could see properly.

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