Hostage taking

As I have mentioned on occasion, Son has been threatened with being disowned if he does not read a certain book, “now!”. Daughter works differently and threats do not work so well. Taking her hostage can work. I say can, not necessarily that it will.

A couple of years ago I really wanted her to read How I Live Now, my favourite favourite book at the time, and still, in fact. I put us on the train to Scotland (we did have a reason for going to Scotland, other than reading) with only HILN available. What Daughter did not finish reading on the train, she continued with at our destination, long after the tired old witch had fallen asleep.

Holidays can work well, too. Daughter is currently marooned in the beautiful Swedish countryside, and on Monday she finished two books and read an entire third book. All without me even suggesting reading.

If you want to know what books Daughter read, they were a new Michael Morpurgo which has not yet been published called Best Mate, Does Glitter Count as Camouflage by Helen Slater, and Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler.

The reason Daughter had two books on the go at once, was that Frozen Fire was not really a book she could read at night, which is where DGCaC came in as a safe option. And Tim, I will have you know that if that book had been less exciting, Daughter might not have bitten her lips quite as hard, drawing blood. Just so you know.

7 responses to “Hostage taking

  1. Did she like Frozen Fire? I’m still waiting for my copy.

  2. Yes, she did. Nailbiting stuff, I reckon.

  3. I asked because I’ve heard from others that there were some anomalies. But I’ll certainly be reading it. Does she enjoy Marcus Sedgwick, BTW? His newest is supposed to be very good, and he’s one of those authors who keeps developing, not just writing in place.

  4. I read it last September, but can’t remember any anomalies. I feel Tim is “fantasy”, so things can be odd without being wrong. Let me know what you find. But Frozen Fire is not Starseeker. Nothing will compare to that.

    Daughter hasn’t read Sedgwick. Do you mean the Carnegie shortlisted one? We have the one that will be out in July here, so I get my order of books all wrong. That is about Arthur Ransome, so someone in this house was very happy.

  5. No, I meant Blood Red, Snow White.

  6. It’s on my to read list. I’m so desperately slow that I’m putting books in order of date of publication, right now. The Res IT Consultant loves Ransome and likes Russia, so found it a perfect book. He even dreamed up an event combining Sedgwick and the Ransome society.

  7. Daughter read all the books we brought with us, so for the return journey I proposed Malorie Blackman’s Tell Me No Lies, which was “lying around”. She felt she needed to check it out first, with the unfortunate result that when journey home began the book had been finished. Ah, well.

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