Roman Mysteries and the BBC, again

According to Caroline, who was met by 88 emails when she got to an Egyptian internet cafe, the BBC postponed the Roman Mysteries because of the disappearance of the little girl in Portugal. The next episode is about kidnapped children. I can’t help feeling that they could have announced this decision to let the viewers know.

2 responses to “Roman Mysteries and the BBC, again

  1. Any word on a US release of the show? I imagine it will be some time before DVDs are released…

    PS, I’ve moved my Snippets and Blabbery blog. The new URL is

  2. No idea, I’m afraid. As you can see the BBC have chickened out of showing it because they’re afraid of upsetting people concerned for the missing girl.

    Normally you seem to get dvds as soon as things have been shown on tv, but you’d want region 1, which would only come after US tv?

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