Asperger fiction

Having a personal interest in Asperger’s Syndrome, I enjoy what I call my Aspie books. There’s The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd, just out. Another Siobhan (Parkinson) has written Blue Like Friday. There’s no mention of Asperger’s in her book, but I felt the whole story about Olivia and her friend Hal was very Aspie in its flavour. Lovely book, and it just proved what a lot of good Irish authors there are. It’s funny, and Siobhan’s way with language was great.

The obvious Aspie book is Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, which I, being careless as usual, bought thinking it was fact, rather than fiction. Lucky mistake. It’s an incredible book, sad and funny and very worthwhile.

A very little known book is Kathy Hoopmann’s Blue Bottle Mystery, An Asperger Adventure. This is a short and easy read, and very good for younger children. It works well as an ordinary story, but also provides information about AS.

Truth or Dare by Celia Rees is an excellent book, as one expects from a writer like Celia. This, too, can be “just a book” or can inform the reader about Asperger’s. With my normal flair I bought this by accident, too.

Tim Bowler’s Dragon’s Rock may or may not be an Aspie book. I haven’t asked him, but it had a distinct flavour of something like it when I read the book. It’s not really mentioned anywhere, but it would explain the boy’s behaviour. Maybe Tim doesn’t know?

These books have in common the fact that they are all mysteries. I don’t know whether Asperger’s lends itself particularly well to detecting, or if it’s pure coincidence. Or it could be that to reach a good audience this is an attractive genre to go for. Whatever it is, I’m grateful there’s a selection of books like these. I want more, though, both to enlighten the Neurotypical reader (how’s that for jargon?) and to show the Aspies that there are books for and about them.

5 responses to “Asperger fiction

  1. Hej alla svenska Aspies. Roligt att ni hittade hit. Kolla även in The London Eye Mystery från den 7 juni. Det är en väldigt lagom bok, lagom aspie och lagom bok,så att säga.

    Jag ska kolla vad mer jag kan rekommendera, så fortsätt gärna att titta in här. Och kommentera gärna, på svenska eller engelska.

  2. hi there is a book about aspergers about a boy that has it does anyone know what it is called?

  3. Natalie, most of these books are about boys with Asperger Syndrome. You may be thinking of Mark Haddon’s book (see above).

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