Is it because of Harry?

Can it be the Harry Potter effect that has so many good books out in July? First I thought it was strange. Then I wondered if publishers were trying to make me particularly happy for the summer holidays. But now I suspect they are hoping to compete with Harry. Which, being a Potter fan, I feel is silly, but I suppose if you don’t want the much awaited number seven, then you’d feel hard done by if there was nothing else.

But surely, publishers don’t really believe that I will make a choice between either Harry Potter or their new book? It’ll have to be more than one. And no beach life for me, with a mountain of books to read. I feel the risk is that for those who will buy only one book in July, and that book is Harry Potter, there are some excellent reads that will go un-noticed.

2 responses to “Is it because of Harry?

  1. Have you read Stoneheart, witch? I have a bit of a witchy feeling myself about it for the Guardian Prize, though I haven’t got round to reading it yet. Just love the sound of it.

  2. Ah, well, that makes two of us. Will need to conjure up a copy from somewhere.

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