Is it a red herring?

The New York Times’ rather early review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is a very good review. But is it really a review of the book, or a clever piece of fiction?

I’d like to think it’s real, as it feel very true to the spirit of the other books. It makes pertinent comments about many things in a way that makes it sound true.

But, could someone really read the whole book with proper consideration in a day? (I know this is what fans do, but they don’t sit down and write a carefully thought out review of it at the end.)

And, this Michiko Kakutani kills off half a dozen characters, when we have been led to believe that there’s two (that matter, anyway).

Whatever, it felt very satisfying to read a long and thorough appreciation of not just book seven, but the earlier ones as well. Kakutani has treated Rowling and Potter as though they are worthy of the real thing, rather than the countless tongue-in-cheek comments most blasé journalists manage.

I’m looking forward to tonight even more now. And I foresee worse logistical problems of two books for four readers than expected.

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