HP crisis

It’s the Slave-girl of Jerusalem all over again. My young, innocent child is in tears and there’s no-one to offer support, except in a vague sort of way.

This is what happens when the child reads faster than the parent. The sibling is off at work, and can only read on the job, so to speak, so lags behind. The Resident IT Consultant is off to the wilds of Caledonia, so can’t read any more until next weekend. And the ever self sacrificing bookwitch is last in the pecking order for Harry Potter, so hasn’t got far yet.

I think that Bloomsbury should offer a counselling service for the first few days, while early readers have nobody else to talk to. Should the needs of my child come before my own needs not to have the plot revealed? Surely not..?

One response to “HP crisis

  1. Ah, I understand that Childline is standing by, in case of distress. Daughter had recovered sufficiently to laugh at the idea.

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