I’m surrounded by different SASs (if that’s how you make a plural of them?). The most interesting one to my mind is the Scattered Authors’ Society. It is what it sounds like; a group of authors who would otherwise slave away at their lonely desks and never see a soul between one masterpiece and another.

They are on their way to their annual retreat in Charney Bassett, for a couple of days of what? I think I’ve heard things like workshops mentioned in the past, and quizzes. I just hope that this year it doesn’t include swimming, as some of my favourite authors are heading straight into flood territory. Both Adele Geras and Mary Hoffman have sounded like they think it’s mad, but they will give it a go.

Hope you have fun!

One response to “The SAS

  1. Just back from Charney Manor where the SAS are still revelling and flourishing. All transport worked brilliantly and I’m very grateful to two gallant men for their help, with driving and so forth…Dennis Hamley and Mark Robson. But it’s true…the landscape round Oxford looks like a rice paddy! The others are still there….it’s been fabulous.

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