Funny, at last

This will be one of my most pointless blogs ever. Very few of my readers will be able to make use of it.

Mark Levengood

I re-started ironing and listening to audio books today. And it made me laugh, so I’ve found that funny book I was after last week. It’s by Mark Levengood and, don’t get your hopes up, is called Sucka mitt hjärta, men brist dock ej. Exactly.

Mark is famous all over Sweden, and is a Swedish speaking Finn, with an American background. He sounds like Moomin when he talks, which is just as endearing as you’d think.

I’ve never quite worked out what he does; he seems to be famous for being famous. But people love him. This book with the tongue twisting title is a collection of essays, where Mark muses on things like frequent flyer points, angry nuns in the Faroe Islands, or worrying about poisoning your children with toadstools every autumn.

Mark manages to have worthwhile thoughts on all of his subjects, and to write about them in a childishly open and funny way.

And that accent… I think you want the audio book, and not the printed version.


One response to “Funny, at last

  1. Elizabeth Dacey

    I am not a regular reader of your blog, but I share your view on Mark Levengood. He’s one of those people you want to squeeze with affection. And yes, listening to how he speaks, in English or Swedish is truly wonderful.

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