What about throwing books out then?

If re-reading is out of the question, what shall I do with my books? The speed at which I acquire new ones is getting near ridiculous. So something will have to give, unless we are to buy a larger house. And let’s face it; many books aren’t good enough to take on a larger mortgage for, just in order to keep them.

The books I’ve been most tempted to throw out are the ones I read when I was in my late teens or early twenties. But as I think about it I realise that I’m about to get rid of books that the Offspring are just growing into. Always assuming the books are classic enough to be appreciated by the next generation. So, the books are still here.

How do other people decide on what books to prune? Or do you simply build bookcases down the middle of every room?


3 responses to “What about throwing books out then?

  1. Eventually some of them just have to go. I’ve just been through the process of clearing out my office at work – fourteen shelves of books and absolutely no space at home for them to occupy. In the end I took the line that anything I wasn’t going to want on a reasonably regular basis and that I could get easily from the local library if I did need it for any purpose, had to go. It was hard, but made slightly easier by the fact that I have a local Oxfam bookshop that services the student population of our University, so I can be fairly certain they will have gone to needy homes.

  2. hi love it

  3. underdeepwater

    My mom had the same problem. She bought so many books. Eventually the ones you really didn’t like end up getting thrown out, given away, or sold at garage sales or used book sales. You could also donate them to your local library so that everyone can enjoy them. If you do decide to donate them to the library make sure they are in really good condition. A little worn is okay but yellowed pages and torn covers will just end up getting thrown out. I know your not supposed to choose books by their covers but lets face it, no one wants to take a book out from the library that looks like they picked it up off the street corner. I hope this helped.

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