I never thought I’d be singing the praises of my holiday newspaper Hallandsposten here in the blog. But it really is pretty good on books and culture. I have no idea how many copies they sell, but the borough of Halmstad has a population of about 90,000. Most households subscribe to the paper, which is cheaper than buying it in a shop. If it’s not with you by five a.m. you have cause for concern.

Three pages on books yesterday, with one on children’s books. Three reviews of girls’ fiction; two Swedish books and Jacqueline Wilson’s Midnight which has just been translated. They have a serious backlog of Jacqueline’s books here, which can only be good news for girls, who have plenty to look forward to.

Large spread on Liza Marklund and her latest book. All I know about her is that one of her audiobooks (in English) had a warning in the BBC catalogue for language and explicit content.

And it seems that the publishers Wahlström & Widstrand can’t have heard of meettheauthor.co.uk, as they have just launched a few of their authors on youtube instead. People seem to think it’s a good idea, which will help them decide if an author is worth reading.

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