Remus and Iorek

Is it OK for adult female readers to fancy fictional men in (their) children’s books?

After a wet and muddy walk on holiday some years ago I found myself with another couple of mothers, discussing Remus Lupin. I’d secretly found him very attractive in the Prisoner of Azkaban, but then I know I’m weird. Now I was comparing notes with others. And soon after I heard J K Rowling admitting in an interview that she rather liked him too.

If liking a werewolf is bad; is a bear better? An armoured bear. I really like Iorek Byrnison from His Dark Materials. It’s probably not that he’s all that good looking; more that he has integrity and feels safe. And in the audio book he has an attractive voice.

Can anyone suggest other candidates for oldies to like?

2 responses to “Remus and Iorek

  1. I’d never realized how much I liked PD James’ Adam Dagliesch until I saw the cover for the videos featuring Roy Marsden. Now, I know nothing about Marsden, and this made-for-TV series may be good, but I lost all interest in giving them a try because the Dagliesch in my mind just doesn’t look like Marsden–not that I know what Dagliesch looks like in my head–I just am certain that were we to meet, I’d find Dagliesh attractive, and Marsden I don’t!

  2. Ah, Laurie, you want to check out the (I think) couple of books filmed with Martin Shaw as Dalgliesh. Good enough to eat…

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