Old friends

Son, Daughter and I have just spent two days with School Friend and her family. It’s lovely to visit them, even though I wish Husband of SF hadn’t taught their cats that the last bit of breakfast is for them. The last of my breakfast is definitely for me.

SF’s oldest daughter E keeps surprising me. Having often felt the odd one out with my interest in books and writing, I can’t quite get over the fact that E is another one. She has just finished her librarian studies at university. Before that E did a year’s writing course and she just presented me with an anthology of stories from her school. And she has a past working for a bookshop. My watering hole, in fact.

It’s quite nice to find I’m not alone. And I didn’t really mean anything bad with that comment about the cats. Charming habit, when you think of it. Thank you for having us.


One response to “Old friends

  1. Katterna hälsar så mycket!!

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