Rottweiler weekend

How do you name your pets? I’d meant to write about pigs, but I was inundated with Rottweilers last weekend. I rarely socialise with dogs at all, and then I met two Rottweilers all in one go. One on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Saturday’s Rottweiler was the more literary of the two, being named for an Astrid Lindgren character, Ronja. Sunday’s Rottweiler was a plain Jack. His vet owner had previously shown more literary tastes when naming her pigs Romeo and Julia.

Last summer Daughter and I met some other literary pigs. Another Ronja, who was mourning her recently departed friend Pippi, and the boys Bill and Bull. They are the Crabbe and Goyle style friends of the bully Måns in Gösta Knutsson’s Pelle Svanslös, aka Peter No-Tail. Tried looking for books in English about Pelle, and could only find the video cartoons, but they are very good.

The previously mentioned cats that eat people’s breakfast have thoroughly sensible cat names like Carrot and a fairly untranslatable pun name.

One response to “Rottweiler weekend

  1. Our Rottweiler dog is names JoJo! Not very literary nor mundane. Just JoJo! When he was a mere rottweiler pup, this fit perfectly. Now that he’s over 100 lbs, it’s just funny.

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