School’s back

I really must apologise for slacking. I’d expected to do more writing, but was overcome by lack of time. And now my excuse is having people to sort out.

Son is off to Edinburgh, and has so far only been equipped with laptop, laundry basket and a toast-a-bag. The essentials, in other words. Duvets and plates and things are still to be found.

Daughter needs less sorting, but Year 10 still feels like a biggish step. Tech coursework to be printed and school ties to be chopped in half. (I know. It’s mad.)

Even the bookwitch is getting an education, albeit a short one. And not a minute too soon, I hear you saying. I’m shortly off to an Arvon course, at one of those places mentioned in Adele Geras’ Made in Heaven, with all the goings-on… It’s internet free, which will prove interesting from a blogging point of view.

I have just finished reading My Fathers’ Daughter by Hannah Pool, who is one of the course tutors. Despite not having been adopted from Eritrea, I found Hannah’s book very easy to identify with, and it’s a real page turner. I just wanted to read on and on.


One response to “School’s back

  1. Arvon courses are ABSOLUTE BLISS and you must enjoy every minute and write about it all here in great detail when you return. Tell us beforehand who your tutors are, what you’re going to be writing and which centre you’re in. The one in Made in Heaven is loosely based on Totleigh Barton in Devon…have fun!

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