More memoirs, please

I’m getting doddery. But I’m fairly sure Melvin Burgess is supposed to be writing his memoirs. Can’t find the information now, but I believe it’s something covering Melvin’s teen years. So, roughly the age his readers are, which makes sense.

Earlier this year it was Jacqueline Wilson’s turn with Jacky Daydream. That story takes the reader from Jacqueline’s birth to the age of eleven. Again, this is logical, because many of Jacqueline’s books are stories about young girls of that age, and it’s easy to recognise quite a few of her fictional girls in her own story.

Jacky Daydream is both a charming modern history lesson and a lovely introduction to one of our most popular children’s authors. Perfect reading for adults and children alike. And I do hope Jacqueline will write a sequel.

Thanks to a blogger colleague who recently stumbled across a second hand copy of Yesterday by Adele Geras, without her glasses on, even, I went in search of a copy for myself. And thanks to Dina Rabinovitch it was easy to find. It’s a short book, and it mostly deals with Adele’s late teens, primarily her time at Oxford.

Not wanting Adele to sound ancient in any way, but this little book provides a slice of history, about a time and a place that has changed quite a bit since. The book left me surprised that Adele got her degree at all, after so much clambering through college windows in the middle of the night, hanging out with really cool people (even in those days…), and singing and acting.

Right now I feel I could do with many more memoirs of this kind. I love my fiction, but it is so interesting simply reading about the memories of real people.

So come on, reminisce away for me!


2 responses to “More memoirs, please

  1. Hi Witch
    Try Giving up the Ghost, by Hilary Mantel. And then make an exception from all your YA reading and try some of her novels. Any of them. I have a feeling you’ll like them.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Do I have to grow up now? (And here I thought you were going to offer to write your memoirs for me…)

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