Books from the LRC

Who thought up the name Learning Resource Centre? I don’t know if all, or for that matter any other, schools have renamed their library the LRC. I think it’s an awful name. What was wrong with library?

The place itself is still highly recommended though, no matter what it’s called. Now that term has started Daughter and everyone else have two pages in their school diaries with lists of recommended reads. And it’s a good selection.

The librarian’s (why not rename her the LRCian?) suggestions include many of the bookwitch’s previously mentioned favourites, and also Teresa Breslin, Sally Gardner, Katherine Langrish, Mal Peet, Jonathan Stroud, Nicky Singer, Frank Cottrell, Malorie Blackman and Anne Cassidy. Plenty of other names too, but I’m refraining from listing them all.

The trick now will be to get the pupils to borrow and read the books.

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