and Miranda

We caused Miranda France some sleepless nights, but being totally professional, it didn’t show. She looked wonderful every day. Miranda had tutored for Arvon before, so we were in good hands. In fact, I’d say that both Hannah and Miranda felt like our big sisters, were it not for the fact that most of us are older than they are. Maybe it’s possible to have younger big sisters?

I knew very little about Miranda before we met. I got one of her books, and even deciding which one was difficult. The first or the second; Spain or Argentina? Both areas of interest to me, so I closed my eyes and went for Bad Times in Buenos Aires.

Very good choice, or so I thought until Miranda read from her Spanish book, Don Quixote’s Delusions. That sounds just as good. Will need to find more time somewhere so I can read that too.

Miranda must have a knack for going places and finding weird people in absurd situations to write about. And that’s not an invitation to write a novel about wannabe writers in West Yorkshire!

We had a slightly surreal conversation about me being a witch. I do like people who believe in me.

Though, having a close member of your family advertising mayonnaise in Argentina isn’t totally ordinary either. Light mayonnaise. I’m not getting paid, so won’t say what brand.

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