I hate this book

When I dislike something I don’t tend to write about it, because it wouldn’t be a very nice thing to do. But ususally when I dislike what I read, I’m free to give it up whenever I like. In fact, that’s why I prefer to ask for review copies of books I like the sound of, rather than have lots of books sent to me unasked. This time I’ve been asked by my local bookshop to read a book to discuss with the group of young reviewers, where for a change we are all reading the same book.

So, I’m persevering. Moaned to a writer about it yesterday, and was reassured by her comment that “nobody reads XX” and that I’m noble. I can just about make out that halo floating up there, if witches can have haloes. I’m two thirds of the way through, so not too much longer to go. Though, as I’ve said plenty of times; a shorter book will always be appreciated. I skim as much as I can decently get away with, and try not to shudder at how the book could have done with more editing.

It will be very interesting to see what the children at the bookshop will say about it. My guess is that they will be more complimentary than the old witch. I’ll let you know.

5 responses to “I hate this book

  1. And I hate niceness! It’s so boring … and mostly fake, present company excluded, of course.

  2. “When I dislike something I don’t tend to write about it, because it wouldn’t be a very nice thing to do. “

    I don’t know if you review books professionally, but if you don’t, there could be a more practical reason for not writing about books you don’t like. There is with me, at any rate.

    I read for my own enjoyment. Who wants to spend time reading, much less writing about, a book one does not like?

    Detectives Beyond Borders
    “Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

  3. Because, Peter, you learn as much – if not more – from one you dislike. Something of an iffy comparison with scientific research: it’s mostly failure.

  4. Lee, you’re a genius! I am actually learning quite a bit from this book, because I see all that’s bad. But I still resent several days of reading time out of what little time I’ve had recently.

    But Peter, you’re righ too, and I do want pleasure from my books, so have learnt to put a bad one aside. Even if I’ve paid for it. And I’m not professional, so can usually do as I like. I’ve come across bloggers who get paid for reviewing and I don’t want that kind of lack of control.

  5. I find I will finish books I don’t like, sometimes, but now that I am writing about books relatively constantly, I just leave the bad ones out (almost all the time). Every once in a while I’ll feel OK about being negative when I have otherwise really liked the rest of someone’s work, and said so.

    By the way, I am a scientist, and it is mostly failure, but we are doing what we want while we fail! Does that confuse the picture any?

    Best wishes,

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