Pullman’s Blue Book

At least I think it is. There’s been talk of a blue book to match his red one; Lyra’s Oxford. It’s just been announced that Once Upon a Time in the North will be published in April. The bookwitch household can barely wait.

The new book is meant to go back in time, to before the period in His Dark Materials. It will cover the meeting between Lee Scoresby and Iorek Byrnison, both good friends of Lyra’s in HDM.

They are two very attractive characters, and I believe all HDM fans will want to know more about their past. I know there’s a risk with sequels and prequels, but only if done badly or for commercial reasons only. Philip can write in whatever direction he wants, and I’d expect it to be good.

More than good. Though I wouldn’t mind knowing what’s happening to the Book of Dust, which I feel we’ve been waiting for forever. Possibly a little longer than forever.


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