I’m glad I chose not to wear stripes. I do like them and wear them a lot, but here at the fair it would have meant looking like everybody else. It sort of goes with the territory to wear stripes. The witch is plain purple (!) and grey. Nice enough but not too Gudrun Sjödén, designer for teachers and librarians.

As usual the queues for the toilets are pretty bad, but will get worse as the general public are allowed in tomorrow. Into the fair, I mean, not that they aren’t allowed in the toilets. There was one toilet as an exhibit that had oranges in it and an invitation to take one…

Norwegian designer chairs in one café, combining practicality with art. Wish they’d considered their teabags more carefully while they were at it.

Went to a Pippi Longstocking talk this morning, with Astrid Lindgren’s daughter. I spied Librarian Husband of Cousin in the front row, stopping to chat her up after the talk.

Checked out most of the bookshop stalls, feeling pleased I don’t need any new books. The Uppsala English Bookshop has a good selection of English language books.

Book Fair banners

2 responses to “Stripes

  1. I can’t do any accents on here but I have to say that my wardrobe has several lovely Gudrun Sjoden things in it which I wear a lot. I’m interested in the teachers and librarians thing….she strikes me as rather green and hippyish. Rather like a Fashion Anita Roddick. Of late, I’ve found less in the catalogue but would still call myself a devotee! And the catalogues look wonderful whether you’re buying or not.

  2. I knew there’s a reason I like you so much. My family groans when I have to make another visit to the Gudrun Sjödén shop. But I just have to. I asked them yesterday when the talked about London shop will materialize. Come to Gothenburg with me next time and we can shop together as well.

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