Amos Oz

The queue for Amos Oz was everywhere and nobody knew quite who was queueing for what or where. Amos Oz managed to fill the largest seminar hall this afternoon, and I’ve never seen it full before. It was a good discussion between him and Sigrid Rausing, moderated by the editor of quality magazine Vi. His book How to cure a fanatic, which is impressively short and a very good read, is about to be distributed free to all seventeen-year-old students in Swedish schools.

Amos Oz has started the Order of the teaspoon, which is his way of hoping people will try and make a better world. He feels reading books is a good way to stop fanatics, and humour. He himself is a lot of fun, and he enjoys being called a traitor.

Amos Oz

His daily routine is to get up at five and go for a walk in the desert. Then he has a coffee and sits at his desk waiting for words to come. He considers this in much the same way a shopkeeper waits for customers to come to his shop.

Amos Oz is an interesting man, and I strongly recommend reading How to cure a fanatic. And perhaps that you buy a teaspoon.

With the large audience today I thought my plans to get my book signed would come to nothing, but in the end not too many of us had books for signing, so we all got to see the man up close. Success.

8 responses to “Amos Oz

  1. This sounds like quite a fair. I would like to hear and see Amos Oz and Yasmina Khadra in the same room talking about the dangers of and cures for, if any, fundamentalism.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    “Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

  2. You would like it here for the crime writers, too. Saw Karin Alvtegen and Åsa Nilsonne yesterday, though their talk was less interesting. And Mankell is to come. Nesser is about somewhere, but I won’t see him. And others.

  3. Amoz Oz is also one of the HANDSOMEST men you’ll ever see….your picture, though good, doesn’t do him justice or maybe he’s aged like the rest of us. His grandmother ( I discovered from the MARVELLOUS ‘Tales of Love and Darkness’ )lived in a house I could see from my window when I was very young, in Jerusalem. He is only a couple of years older than I am and went to school with a girl from the flat next door to my grandmother’s….we are both getting OLD. But I repeat, he’s older than I am…

  4. Amos Oz hade varit intressant att höra på. Människor som han behövs fler av!

  5. Adele is so right: I’ve given his Tales of Love and Darkness more times as a gift to friends than any other book I can remember.

  6. Adele, he is still very good looking. It’s just my photography that’s not. And I’ve stood next to him and talked to him!!

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