Escalator to K2

The lady who wanted to know the way to K2 didn’t believe me. There’s another escalator? We were both going there to see Desmond Tutu. As expected there was the most tremendous queue, but I have to admit to having learnt some small ways of cheating very slightly. Very bad. Sorry.

There were a great many archbishops all of a sudden. Three, at least. Two of them are regulars at the fair, and one of them once did the washing up with Son when he was about nine. But it was archbishop Tutu we had all come to see. He is very charming, and quite short. He is also very funny and sometimes comes across as a naughty little boy.

I didn’t even try to get his autograph, but never mind. I have seen him.

Did get autograph from Peter Robinson, who was also rather nice. I have yet to read any of his books, but will do so, as everyone recommends them. I hope he couldn’t smell the pizza slices I was carrying around, hoping to find a moment in which to eat them. LHoC was there, and was quick to ask questions about his favourite music. I’ve already forgotten what.

Had hoped to have a free Lent bun, but in the end decided I had no time standing around waiting for a handout. There is a fictional children’s detective who eats lent buns all year round, and a crime (books) organisation was going to hand out 700 of them, despite it not being Lent.

I’m grateful to have learnt all the quiet back corridors that take people like me from A to B without getting stuck in fair “traffic” everywhere. I was also pleased to see that there was even a queue for the gents toilets, until I discovered that it wasn’t so much equality of the sexes, as the ladies taking over the other toilets as well. Good thinking.

There wasn’t too much of a crowd for Per Gessle, famous Swedish popstar. Possibly because his fans don’t go to book fairs. There’s a new biography out soon about his life, which explains his presence here. For me it was nice to listen to him, as we share the same hometown, and however awful, the accent makes me feel good. For all those of you who haven’t heard of his group Gyllene Tider, don’t despair. He’s also one half of Roxette. If that doesn’t help; please despair. Or google.

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