IT for witches

Anyone who called in for any kind of interesting reading at lunchtime today will have got more than they bargained for. You will have thought me madder than before, even. If that’s possible. I published some temporary test blogs in the interest of education.

That will be my education we’re talking about. Ever since getting this wonderful Macbook in the summer (note that even a laptop has the word book in it where I’m concerned) I have been learning. Or attempting to. This is a completely free ad for that fruit company Forrest Gump invested his money in.

For those who live within easy distance of an Apple shop there is a lot to learn. For those who are willing to admit that they need it, that is. I have this Resident IT Consultant at home, but I suspect it’s rather like teaching a family member to drive. It doesn’t work too well. So, I jumped at the opportunity to have one-to-one sessions with Apple experts. For the price of two litres of milk (!) I get an hour a week and I can ask as many stupid questions as I like. They don’t shout, they don’t sigh, they are kind and polite throughout. And next week I can ask the same stupid questions again.

So, today we were working on putting links in blogs, and it wasn’t going too well. But with some luck you will find plenty of working links in blogs to come. I hope.

I suspect it’s also good for the soul to have an hour a week where you freely admit to being an idiot. Then I can come back home and feel slightly more professional for six days. And I occasionally get to teach the Resident IT Consultant a thing or two. Or I can say that my Apple friend says to do things differently! And ladies, so far all my Apple friends have been male.


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