The birthday present

Daughter was fifteen yesterday. One of her presents was a television script, from the first episode of one of her favourite American series. I hadn’t intended for her to read it. That may sound stupid, but I looked at it more as a fun thing to have. But before falling asleep she came and informed me that she had finished the script.

I did think it could be useful from an analysis point of view, as it’s something that tends to cause her problems. Knowing the episode inside-out as she does, I knew she’d be able to see where the script’s intentions differ from what they actually filmed. I also felt it might give her a more realistic idea of what scripts have in them, besides the obvious dialogue. So, an educational toy, almost.

I’m getting too cynical. Daughter was far more pleased with the gift than I’d anticipated. Thank you ebay.



5 responses to “The birthday present

  1. I’ve just received a copy of the film script – in German – for one of my short stories, and I’m astounded. Aside from the fact that it’s very revealing (not always in a positive sense) to have your prose transcribed for an entirely different medium, I had no idea whatsoever what was involved in scriptwriting – the visual and auditory elements, the four-dimensionality, the space left for all the actors and artists to add their interpretations.

  2. That must be fun, to see your own words like that. As long as you haven’t been totally misunderstood.

    I used to think it would be hard to read plays, but it’s not once you see how it’s different.

  3. Happy birthday Helen!!!!!
    xxxMeg & Gloria

  4. Actually, it was less fun than eye-opening: I saw all the ghastly flaws, some of which the scriptwriter managed to correct. My main reaction was, how did I ever dare to make something like this public?

  5. A bit belatedly! Happy Birthday, Helen!

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