With my interest in crime I can’t help thinking of alibis, and how things change. New technology both helps, and makes things harder. I’m fairly well behaved (legally, at least) and shouldn’t really worry about proving my whereabouts to anyone.

But ever since discovering that Meg Rosoff is based in Carlisle on the Guardian books blog, I’ve had an unhealthy interest in checking where people are. Especially if I know that they are elsewhere. I found to my surprise that I was in Sweden on Friday. You’d think I would have noticed.

Carlisle must be a good place for authors, as that’s where Michael Rosen comments from on the Guardian blog, as well. Then I thought it had something to do with names. Meg and Michael have similarities in their names. But then I noticed that Meg managed to post from London and thought she was sorted, until she bounced back to Carlisle.

The Resident IT Consultant has officially posted from London, when he is at work in the North West. Could look like absenteeism. This week I was in Stirling, but posted from Edinburgh, which is close enough.

While in southern Sweden I have been registered as writing from Stockholm, so I thought they couldn’t fine tune it any closer than the capital of the relevant country. Until the other day when I found I was in Solna, which is pretty specific. It’s like saying Wandsworth instead of London, if you see what I mean.

I was on the train, as people say when they talk on their mobile phones. Just south of York. Not in Solna. Not in Sweden. I think I’ve read about someone else who’s also been picked up by a Swedish satellite. In my case it’s at least vaguely logical, but I do worry about my alibi.

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