Picture Artemis

I didn’t quite picture him like this, but that’s not a big deal. Artemis Fowl can now be taken in the form of cartoon as well as “proper” book. Eoin Colfer has collaborated with Andrew Donkin, making his first Artemis Fowl story into a comic. Or to use the new term – graphic novel. It’s called Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel. Though I always think graphic means something else altogether.

But this is really good. I’m always suspicious of new things, as you can never be too careful. In my mind Artemis and Holly and Butler, and particularly Root, look different. But Foaly is pretty much as I imagined. It’s like films, though, when the actor doesn’t look as the character should. You can still like the film, despite the casting people getting it “wrong”.

As a tool for getting non-readers to read I can think of nothing better than a graphic novel like this one. And seeing as Eoin was in on this, it must be as he wants it. I hope he and Andrew will give the other Artemis books the same make-over. I don’t believe you can have too much Artemis Fowl. Ever.

Holly Short


Artemis Fowl


6 responses to “Picture Artemis

  1. I posted a comment, but nothing appeared? Do you have comment verification, or is there a problem somewhere?


  2. I don’t know, Peter. I’ve not been aware of a problem, but what I don’t see I don’t see. Please try again if something went wrong.

  3. Maybe I just his the wrong button. In any case, I was going to say that the only character of whom I have a clear picture is Butler.

    I hope that the graphic novel does not make the fairies and elves look too hobbitish — all short and stubby with pointed ears. And I hope the artist does not engage in that done-to-death graphic-novel conceit of shrouding everything in shadows.

    I did look at the cover, and I like the Artemis that the artist came up with.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    “Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

  4. Hope this clears the matter of how they look?

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