Dina Rabinovitch

I was very sad to hear that Dina died during the night. Many of us have had our fingers crossed for so long, willing Dina to feel stronger, for longer. But I think we all knew that she had already been extremely strong and had fought her breast cancer very heroically.

At a time when it would be more than understandable if Dina had just concentrated on her treatment and on her family, she found the strength to fundraise, write her blog and generally be very nice to people.

Dina’s blog has been a great meeting point for many of us, and it’s been fun to discuss more frivolous stuff like crocs, furlined or plain, and that wonderful hat Dina posted a picture of last week.

I knew long before I began reading her blog that I admired Dina, and now I admire her even more. We will all miss her in our own ways.

Please buy her book Take Off Your Party Dress. And please ask Marks & Spencer why they are not stocking it as promised.

3 responses to “Dina Rabinovitch

  1. Such sad sad news. I feel we’ll all be poorer without Dina — somehow she convinced us that in the face of death, courage and humour alone could keep a person alive. My heart goes out to her family.

  2. They, too, seem to have been very good at continuing with life while Dina was ill. I hope they can still do that after today.

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