Carnegie longlist

Here’s the longlist for the 2008 Carnegie prize. It’s a comforting list of what’s best in children’s books. And it’s lovely to see that Siobhan Dowd is on it. I hope she can see this where she is.

At this stage I won’t even begin to predict. I like too many of them. And usually both the shortlist and the eventual winner are good choices.

AHLBERG, Allan The Boyhood of Burglar Bill
BERTAGNA, Julie, Zenith
BIRCH, Beverley, Rift
BOWLER, Tim Frozen Fire
BROOKS, Kevin Being
COLFER, Eoin The Legend of the Worst Boy in the World
CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, Kevin Gatty’s Tale
DOGAR, Sharon Waves
DOWD, Siobhan The London Eye Mystery
DOWNHAM, Jenny Before I Die
DUFFY, Carol Ann The Hat
FISHER, Catherine Incarceron
FLETCHER, Charlie Stoneheart
GILMAN, David The Devil’s Breath
GLASS, Linzi Ruby Red
HAIG, Matt Shadow Forest
HARDINGE, Frances Verdigris Deep
HOOPER, Mary The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose
JONES, Diana Wynne The Pinhoe Egg
KENNEN, Ally Berserk
KUIPERS, Alice Life on the Refrigerator Door
LAIRD, Elizabeth Crusade
LANDMAN, Tanya Apache
LANDY, Derek Skulduggery Pleasant
LOTT, Tim Fearless
McCAUGHREAN, Geraldine Peter Pan in Scarlet
McKENZIE, Sophie Girl, Missing
MORPURGO, Michael Alone on a Wide Wide Sea
PAVER, Michelle Soul Eater
PEET, Mal The Penalty
PRATCHETT, Terry Wintersmith
REEVE, Philip Here Lies Arthur
RIDDELL, Chris Ottoline and the Yellow Cat
ROBERTS, Katherine I Am The Great Horse
ROBSON, Mark Imperial Assassin
ROSOFF, Meg What I Was
ROWLING, J.K. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
ST. JOHN, Lauren Dolphin Song
SEDGWICK, Marcus Blood Red Snow White
SINGLETON, Sarah Sacrifice
SUZUMA, Tabitha From Where I Stand
THOMPSON, Kate The Last of the High Kings
VALENTINE, Jenny Finding Violet Park
WILLIS, Jeanne Shamanka
WRAY, Sarah The Forbidden Room


4 responses to “Carnegie longlist

  1. Why no Mary Hoffman, Falconer’s Knot? Why no Catcall by Linda Newbery? Why no Sally Prue The Truth Sayer? It’s a mystery to me why some of these are on there, though it’s a good list in many ways. What about Finding Violet Park which won the Guardian Children’s book prize? I reckon some librarians don’t actually get to read what’s there…the choosing meetings for Carnegie lists which I’ve attended have revealed an awful lot of gaps in the provision of books to the people who are supposed to read and judge them…

  2. I tried not to go looking for missing books, but felt the ones chosen were fine. Sometimes books seem to take forever to get on lists, so maybe some of your suggestions will turn up next year? Hope so.

  3. From Where I Stand ~ by Tabitha Suzuma
    An amazing, moving thriller for teenagers. I read it within 2 days. Its impossible to put down. I hope it makes the shortlist. Very emotional.
    About a “disturbed teenage boy”, he witnesses his mothers death, he’s fostered by the Russells, school ~ bullies, living hell, Lotte, Steve, Police, Will he get the justice he’s after?

    I recommend this book to any emo. teens.

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