More than a footnote now

That’s Son. In March I bored you all with how last year we found that he’d made it to footnote status in Laurie Frost’s Elements of His Dark Materials. A while ago Laurie emailed to say she’d stumbled across Son’s name while browsing through another book on HDM, where Son actually got a mention, name and all.

Hurried investigations brought several copies of George Beahm’s Discovering the Golden Compass, A Guide to Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials, across the Atlantic to both the witch and to Son at university.

This guide is mainly intended as a companion to the film The Golden Compass, and George has written other such guides as well. It’s a very nice book, and a perfect introduction for the beginner. It doesn’t delve too deeply into anything, but covers most of the aspects you’d be interested in. Lots of photos and quotes, nice drawings and even an essay by Philip Pullman.

George is very enthusiastic about the subject, and although there are some errors in the book, he’s asked me to point out they will all be put right. The paintings by Tim Kirk are attractive, and there are posters of these. We have one, but I’m not sure how you get them.

Thank you George for mentioning my Pullman nerd.

Discovering the Golden Compass

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