There seems to be a lot given away on the Bridge To The Stars website. With The Golden Compass film there are umpteen kinds of merchandise about. Son has set out to road-test most of it, or so it appears.

He writes countless begging emails asking for samples, and not only gets them, but often gets sent extras to give away on the site. The George Beahm posters I mentioned earlier got shipped over from the US in bulk, and Son proceeded to buy lots of cardboard tubes to post them in. His university neighbourhood has a post office open late on Saturday nights, so that’s when he staggers there, arms full of freebies.

Son’s tiny room must be full of junk now. Sorry, I mean merchandise. There are the film books. There’s the game. That is something I’m looking forward to trying over Christmas, and I’m someone who never plays games. Hardly ever.

I’ll say it again. I think that learning to read was a good thing. Look where it has got him. To the post office on a Saturday night.

One response to “Giveaways

  1. I do heartily recommend the board game!

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