The Rough Guide

to Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. I’m very slow on the uptake, so hadn’t realised you can have Rough Guides to almost anything these days. I used to think it was for the Himalayas or Patagonia and places.

Anyway, the Rough Guide to HDM is excellent. It’s very well written, and covers the trilogy and the film and Pullman to just the right level.

I’m assuming it’s a work put together by several writers, as Paul Simpson is listed as editor. It’s a good idea to gather material from more than one source, as that way you’re more likely to have expert insight on lots of subjects.

There are good photos, and the lists of characters, etc, is extensive without going into too much detail. There’s a lot of background stuff on many of the aspects of the trilogy.

This is a book to enjoy if you like Pullman, and/or need to know about the Northern Lights trilogy. The Resident IT Consultant was so taken with it, that he almost read it from cover to cover, muttering things like “this is surprisingly good”.

Rough Guide to His Dark Materials

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