I knew I was missing something when I overheard two female members of staff at Offspring’s school discussing the then latest Alex Rider book. I knew young readers devoured the books, as I had one at home myself. One who had almost exploded when his friend got to the library copy of the new book first. But the idea that grown women would also be so keen, had me carry home a copy to see. That first one only lasted the evening, and after that I read them all. If it’s good enough for the Geography teacher…

Snakehead is number seven for Alex Rider, and it’s not a disappointment. I wish Anthony Horowitz had avoided the Sirius Black character, but never mind originality. It’s the action that counts.

Daughter got to the book first. She is the biggest Alex Rider fan right now. Then I settled in my armchair with the book, only to have to leave it later for household type chores. I came back to find someone in my chair. Very Goldilocks. Moved him on. Sat down. Very empty feeling. The book was gone too. “Give me back my book!” Sheepish look. This happened several times. I think grown men should know better.

So, quite good. Gets the pulse going.

One complaint, though. It’s now out in hardback first. I think this is cheeky, and wrong. Alex Rider used to come out in paperback, at an OK sort of price. Neither its readership nor the type of story it is, makes it a hardback kind of book. They may say it’s the price of a CD, but you listen to a CD more than once. And my neat (autistic?) trait says it looks bad in the bookcase. First six paperbacks, and then a hardback. Uneven.

4 responses to “Action

  1. I’ve noticed at least one of the Artemis Fowl books in hardcover, too. I wonder if they have a publication history similar to those of the Alex Rider books: early ones as paperback originals, later ones in hardback first once the series becomes a great success.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    “Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

  2. I can’t wait for the time when ALL books appear as paperback originals. It’s done all over Europe so why not here? Picador are leading the way with their literary fiction and I’m sure other publishers will follow suit.
    As for the Horowitz, I agree entirely with the shelf thing and the principle but it hasn’t harmed his sales one bit. Quite the reverse… maybe that’s the point of the exercise?

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