That’s a coincidence

I know this happens all the time, but I do find weird coincidences rather fun. And intriguing.

Being a great fan of Gillian Cross, I would always be interested in a new book of hers. Some years ago (that fateful autumn of 2001) I really liked the sound of her book Calling a Dead Man.

It’s about a girl whose adult brother goes to Siberia on a job. He promptly disappears, and that would seem to be that. But his fiancée refuses to leave things alone, and taking his sister with her, goes off to Russia.

I don’t want to give anything away, but it does get exciting.

That Christmas I gave the book to a young relative who’s a great reader, and one for whom it’s hard to find new books. Luckily Calling a Dead Man was new to her, and I enjoyed watching her finish it in one sitting.

The coincidence? That was the autumn the Resident IT Consultant was somewhat less resident. He was sent to Russia to work. And that included trips to Siberia.

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