Serafina Pekkala, once more

We went to see The Golden Compass again, the other day. The Resident IT Consultant hadn’t seen it first time round, so we indulged him. To tell the truth, it was Son’s birthday, and the dratted boy had asked loads of friends to visit him in Edinburgh, but we weren’t invited. Hah. Not that we’d have gone, but it would have been a nice gesture on his part to pretend the boring old people are worth having around.

Now I want to be Eva Green even more than last time. Please tell me I can be Serafina Pekkala. The rest of the film stood up well to a second viewing, I thought.

After GC we polished off a couple of take-out pizzas. At least I didn’t have the same amount of cleaning up afterwards, as I usually would on that day every year. It brings back fond memories, as one year a few years ago Son’s nicest, bestest behaved and well brought up friend called me a witch. He did it by mistake, the poor boy, but it was fun.

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