Victorian drama from the future

I want to know how Zizou Corder knows so much about London sewers. And is it true or just made up? Since the book Lee Raven, Boy Thief is set in the future, I suppose the sewers can be as fictional as they like. But they’re very interesting and only a little disgusting.

Although set in 2046 it has the feel of a Victorian novel, with street urchins all over the place. They may use mobile phones, but it’s very Victorian. And there are lots of references to JK Rowling and to Harry Potter.

The story is about a mysterious book and the many people who come into contact with it. Each chapter is told from a different point of view. It’s a crime novel with a touch of fantasy. One of the themes of the story is dyslexia, and the book is dedicated to all those who find it hard to read. I hope many of them will, somehow, be able to enjoy this book.

The language is refreshingly different from most books. I’m not quite sure how, but it gave me a lot of pleasure just reading it. I’d be interested to know quite how this mother and daughter team do their writing. Most mothers with a teenage daughter wouldn’t dream of trying to write a book with her. Not to quarrel all the time, would be enough to strive for.

Reading Lee Raven, Boy Thief gave me a warm, comfortable feeling. Possibly more so for not expecting much at all. I’d not got round to reading the Lionboy books, so this was my first Zizou Corder. Won’t be the last.

4 responses to “Victorian drama from the future

  1. I know I always liked the look of Corder’s books when I sold them…

  2. This one looks even nicer. Now all you have to do is read them.

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