Ladies who lunch

I’d better get this covered while things are fresh, as it were. The witch met up with Adele Geras for lunch, and for an exchange of gossip. Luckily I can no longer remember what it was I wasn’t meant to tell you, so I can’t anyway.

We went French, which is unusual for the witch, but she felt safe in the company of a fluent French speaker. Adele got to say merci quite a few times, which probably means it was a very genuine restaurant. Exotic, anyway.

I can now understand how easily the tabloids can report all kinds of inaccuracies. Quoting Adele I could tell you about how she was tricked by Philip Pullman. Except she wasn’t, really. So, I will hasten to add that no trickery at all was involved, and Philip is totally without blame. Possibly. But it’s fun to see what you can do with the truth, let alone with lies.

Adele had been out hat hunting, but not done very well, so will have to resort to plan B for Saturday. And I’m somewhat concerned about the amount of hoovering going on in the Geras family. Though I should be talking. I don’t even use my broom.

A special hello to Sally P. I didn’t even know you were a reader..!

8 responses to “Ladies who lunch

  1. How would I report this were I a tab?

    “Witch denies Pullman tricks,” perhaps.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    “Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

  2. The Witch is easily influenced by a bit of French! And the Pullman thing….well, he led me into his world via an Oxford College, which didn’t scare me off at the outset. Normally I have big trouble with fantasy, but I was INVEIGLED into it here…
    A very pleasant lunch, neanmoins. (Can’t do accents and that means ‘nevertheless!’

  3. and I left out the second bit of the bracket. HELAS!!

  4. At first I thought this post was written in French, so little did I understand. Did you use one of those online translation sites?

  5. That’s exactly what I meant: ??? I understood about lunch with AG, but after that … PP? Hat-hunting? Hoovering? Sally P? Maybe not French (which after all, I speak) but at least some weird code.

  6. Well, Sally P. will have to recognise herself, here. It’s not you, Lee. The rest is just weird shorthand to show how trivial a conversation we had, when we weren’t extremely deep about literature. PP has to do with fantasy and Adele’s dislike for it. Adele needed a hat and hadn’t found it in the shops. As for the cleaning habits of the Geras offspring I need to be a little discreet, this being almost public. Ask me on Wednesday. And that will not be very clear to others…

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