March beauty

The kitchen calendar star for March is Cathy Cassidy. She has all of 31 days to sit and stare at the lack of order around these parts, while looking very beautiful. Perhaps Cathy could also aid me with my witchery, while she’s here.

Cathy came to Simply Books during half term, so we missed her. But even without the witch’s family she was a great success, as always. Masses of girls turned up to worship, and one boy. I suspect he mainly wanted to survive, and he deserves a medal for crossing gender lines.

One response to “March beauty

  1. Cathy’s books are packaged for girls, but they’re very ungirly, in my humble opinion (being rather an un-girly girl myself). Not sure you could get boys to read her though with those covers. Maybe when Kindles take over the world, the cover dilemma will be solved.

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