Report from Oxford

The trip I made to Oxford the other week has finally resulted in another interview. Put down on the computer screen, I mean. The interviewing all got done on the day. Mary Hoffman was kind enough to spare some time to see me over pots of tea at the Q I Building in Turl Street. That counts as Pullman territory, so felt just right.

My other reason for travelling to Oxford, apart from enjoying a day out, was to meet Lowebrow, of blog fame. I first came across Lee on Dina Rabinovitch’s blog last year, before she ventured over here for a look. So, in effect, I did what I wasn’t too keen on Son doing a couple of years ago – I went to meet someone I’d met on the Internet.

It was a good day, and lovely to meet several interesting people. And thanks to Mary, Lee and I had a great Lebanese dinner. It could easily become a standard watering hole for the witch.

4 responses to “Report from Oxford

  1. It was lovely to meet you! And now I can say with complete conviction that you’re no witch at all.

  2. Are you trying to ruin my reputation?

  3. I went past the QI t’other day and thought it looked as though it had closed down. Was I wrong, then? Or was that just the bookshop part?

  4. Jane, the bookshop had closed. Mary didn’t know why. The rest was probably business as usual, albeit behind scaffolding and no sign outside saying where you are.

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