23 hours in London

Less than that, actually. But it’s hardly surprising I felt so tired in the end, after one event, one interview and one fight with hotel over internet access. And having to travel on the tube in the rush hour, almost like a real Londoner. Some of you will be surprised, very surprised, to hear that I didn’t buy any shoes. Didn’t even get to a shoe shop.

Is it OK for me to moan here about the lack of people who speak English in hotels? I have nothing against foreigners. After all, I live in a country that’s full of them. (I have read my George Mikes, you know.) I walked up to this fancy looking doorman on Thursday morning to ask for some information. He smiled at me very nicely, but had absolutely no idea what I was saying.

I can barely get over the idea that people now invite me to come and meet and talk to lovely authors. The hotel she stayed at may have had its shortcomings, but Budge Wilson was very charming. We were meant to have 45 minutes talking about Before Green Gables, but it somehow ended up being more than double that time, and even then we had to stop talking only to prevent me from missing my train home.

With Budge I talked about sewing, which is something Canadians do more than the stressed out souls in England. Though on Wednesday I did hear the tale of the literary lady who decided to sew on her missing button while on the tube to where she was going. Trouble was she sewed it onto the coat of the lady sitting next to her.

Also on Wednesday night (couldn’t think straight for Thursday’s blog, which is why things got missed out) I got to have a first peep at David Fickling’s new pet project, the comic. It’s not due until end of May, but it was good to see what he had so far.

Maybe it was the Indian take out thali I had that night that had a bad effect on my writing. It was very good, and so enormous that I didn’t eat most of it. Anyone want to share next time? I don’t stay in the hotel I always stay in because it’s close to the Diwana Bhel Poori, but it certainly helps.

The interview with Budge will follow as soon as the clues for the egg hunt have been thought out and written down.


2 responses to “23 hours in London

  1. Good going Witch. Always knew you’d end up as a trend-setting blog-meister. That’s what passion for a subject will get you, and is very heartening to witness.

    And by the way, I’ve got Budge’s book here — looking forward to reading it, if I can wrench it out of my daughter’s hot little hands.

  2. Stand by with those hankies. You’ll need them, if she doesn’t.

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