I’ve been profiled…

You can read some not very interesting facts about me on Normblog today.

18 responses to “I’ve been profiled…

  1. Congrats!

    Presumably, you have explicable reasons for being against nuclear power today? I’d be interested to know what they are.


  2. Fun to read. I look forward to the next time we meet, so that we can squabble over all the things we disagree about!

  3. “Reasonably nice” ? *huffs*

  4. Henry – Just a gut feeling that it’s a bit dangerous. I can’t come up with lots of alternatives, but that doesn’t mean nuclear is right.

    Lee – You mean you don’t see eye-to-eye with me on everything? Anything?

    Ian – Adorable.

  5. Ann,

    Yes, of course, nuclear power is at least a bit dangerous. But consideration of consequential issues always involves risk/reward analysis.

    Best, Henry

  6. BTW,

    Since Adele Geras considers you to be an “EXCELLENT READER”, I must recommend to you the Amazon.com Kindle. My wife bought me one for my BD. I love it.


  7. Big H, I’m very interested in the Kindle. Does it have a search function at all? And what else do you like about it? (Email me privately if you like.) One of the things that worries me, however, is the growing monopoly of Amazon in all things bookish.

  8. Heh, Ann, we both like Lebanese food …

  9. Lee,

    I posted about my new Kindle @ URL

    If you want to discuss it further, email me at: 3122834351@grandcentral.com

    Best, Henry

  10. Obviously can’t go out for a few hours without people making friends with each other.


  11. I felt very proud to read Norm’s interview. Never really believed you started because of me. Normally I tell people what to do and they ignore me (cf, my family). The cyberworld is definitely a richer place for the bookwitch, so I must have been right. As for the kindle, I’m desperate for one!! I waited patiently all through my birthday but one didn’t appear. Might have to buy one for myself. Along with the diamonds and furs.

  12. Ann & Meg,
    Kindle is same price as an iPhone ($400), and it is a joy; a 10 ounce library of books, periodicals, and music, with online access to over a hundred thousand books!
    It’s currently sold out, so get on the waiting list now at Amazon.com.

  13. Wouldn’t dream of owning an i-phone, far too extravagant, and have started viewing the world in terms of how many books I have to sell to own things. $400 — 300 US hardbacks. What with donating to Siobhan Dowd trust and all, might have to wait for the next book….

  14. How many British hardbacks for a packet of crisps?

  15. Hey, I enjoyed reading that profile. I need to get better about following your blogging advice & post more often. Jobs and children can be such a distraction.

  16. Thank you, Sara. You don’t have to do what I do, and it could be that I’m not even right. Unlikely, but possible.

    But I do like your blog, and the more there is to read, the nicer it is.


  17. Ska vi göra tio frågor till varandra till nästa gång vi träffas? Nu känner ju jag dig lite bättre.

  18. Ska vi? Gör du? Måste ju “hitta på”… Det var hemskt svårt, ska jag säga.

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