Captain Tramplemousse

Adele Geras alerted me to this, so I’ll pass it on. I’m far too old for MySpace, and this was one of my very few visits. It’s a song called Captain Tramplemousse, sung by The Wurpy Quade (yes, really).

The Captain is a character in a short story by Adele in her collection Apricots At Midnight. This is actually one of my Adele favourites, because it’s so nicely old-fashioned and comfortable, if you know what I mean. It could have been written a very long time ago, and it features patchwork and the memories that different pieces of fabric can have for you.

3 responses to “Captain Tramplemousse

  1. I will pass this link on to WQuade themselves who will be gobsmacked and delighted to find themselves on Bookwitch!

    RE the old-fashioned Apricots….when I arrived in the Hamish Hamilton offices just before its publication in 1977 or so, everyone there was quite shocked that I was not a white-haired old lady! “OH,” they said. “We thought you’d be very much OLDER!”
    It’s still one of my own favourites, too. Available from Barn Owl books…ta for the opportunity to plug it, Bookwitch!

  2. Love it! : )

    Especially the ‘lalalalalala septic and blue’ bit.

  3. One has to plug worthwhile books. I feel I live in a non-sewing wilderness these days, so anytime I come across sewing, not to mention recycling, I get ecstatic.

    Little, old lady! Hah! You’re cool enough to inspire the Wurpy Quade.

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