Run Armadillo?

Anyone out there who fancies running a children’s books magazine? A year ago I might have put my hand up, but somehow the witchery takes too much time.

This is from Mary Hoffman in the latest Armadillo:

“The Future of Armadillo
Armadillo looking for new owner

After ten years – five on paper and five online – by the end of this year, Rhiannon and I will be happy to hand over the editing and coding of Armadillo magazine to new hands.

We hope very much that the magazine will continue and that someone will come forward to take it on. But our own workloads are making it increasingly difficult to spare the time that it takes every quarter.

Please contact me at: if you’d like to talk about this. Rhiannon and I will be happy to remain as consultants to anyone who wants to take the magazine over.”

Could be fun?

3 responses to “Run Armadillo?

  1. Oh witch, surely a woman of your talents can sneak another 40 hour job into the week? I see you as an Armadillo Queen. Perhaps next time the management changes….when you’re sick of reading and reporting.

  2. Flattery will get you nowhere at all, Meg. But perhaps you need a little something on the side? You and your author pals can club together and be joint editors. I promise to write the odd review. The odder the better.

  3. Hi there. Thought you might be interested in this: . Cheers, JK

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