Nice poster

I found this on Sara O’Leary’s blog, and immediately needed to copy her. I also tried to print it out for myself, and failed utterly, because it’s rather big. So I might not be able to have it as a poster, after all.

Quentin Blake on reading

But it reminds me of why reading is so wonderful. Don’t know why I need reminding, but it’s always good to see this kind of thing, and Quentin Blake’s illustrations are always lovely.

I think this link might take you somewhere where you can print your own, or not. Does anyone have a mega printer?  Even my Apple teacher says he hates printers, and you’d think he would know how to get round any problems.

3 responses to “Nice poster

  1. My plan was to send the pdf from the link to a print shop – mind you, I’m full of plans!

  2. Oh, so am I. What size do you reckon it is? Maybe if I was intelligent, I’d be able to see that in the pdf thingy? (Offspring say I’m not bad for my age.)

  3. I was kind of thinking the print shop would tell me what size they’d recommend and then I’d see what I could afford.

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