And in the pink, again

Another newsflash, so to speak. You were so good with the pink comments last week, that we have moved across to the Guardian today.

3 responses to “And in the pink, again

  1. When I was 13/14 I devoured Emily Bronte, Margaret Drabble, Graham Greene, John Steinbeck, George Eliot, Edna O’Brien, Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, Georgette Heyer, Iris Murdoch, William Thackeray, Evelyn Waugh, Mary Renault.

    The books tended to come in covers in a uniform shade of orange. I can’t think of any of the central characters who were in the least like me (with the possible exception of Becky Sharp!) I never did, and still don’t, feel particularly deprived. If anybody had given me pink books about ponies I’d have thrown them back.

    So, what went wrong?

    Reinforcing old stereotypes isn’t at all empowering.

  2. Um, bookwitch, have you cast a pink spell over the Guardian Books Blog?

    Could you undo it?

  3. I did. Very powerful I am. You don’t like it? Funny coincidence, or something.

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