Life-changing books

This sounds so awfully worthy that I’m almost ashamed. The Resident IT Consultant forced a copy of the New Scientist on me the other evening, saying I might want to read the bit on books.

They had talked to a number of scientists (what else?) about books that inspired them when they were young. Quite interesting, in a quirky way. Only the women dared mention anything vaguely childish in the way of books. Whether that’s because the men never were childish, weren’t inspired by children’s books or didn’t think it right to mention, will remain a mystery.

Alice in Wonderland, Doctor Doolittle, and Tarzan will have to count as children’s choices. Not sure about A Mathematician’s Apology, The Art of the Soluble, One Two Three Infinity, or The Mind of a Mnemonist. Wow. Heartily approve of The Foundation Trilogy.

Having got this far, I’m beginning to suspect that you won’t let me finish without giving you mine. It will have to be Five On A Treasure Island. And I refuse to blush. After that it could be many others, but perhaps I wouldn’t have those if I hadn’t had the Blyton to begin with? You wouldn’t be sitting reading this drivel if it weren’t for the Five. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Famous Five

This isn’t MY cover picture, which I couldn’t find. Couldn’t even find my book to take a photo… But this is nice enough.

3 responses to “Life-changing books

  1. My life changing book would have to be a series (like yours) except mine was the Beverly Gray mysteries, a moth-eaten collection that belonged to my grandmother. My grandmother wasn’t allowed to go to school beyond secondary because she was a girl. She sought to improve herself by reading and loved this 1920s series. It follows Beverly Gray through high school to her career as a journalist and culminates with the publication of her novel. I read the whole series one hot summer in Manila as a six year old and swore that someday I would become Beverly Gray. It might just still come true.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. That sounds very good. Can you still buy it? The subject sounds almost too old for six. What age group would be for?

  3. It sounds precocious but if you haven’t got anything else to read … Beverley Gray Mystery series was too old for six but very simply written, like a Nancy Drew book but with a continuing story line, like a soap opera.

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